Blazing Aces


Blazing Aces is a casual  action game. The assignment was designed in conjunction with Microsoft who also acted as the publisher for the title. The game is designed and fully functional on the Surface 2.



Choose your pilots and see them evolve through various missions.  Issue flight commands and see your aircrafts follow your every move. Collect scrap and upgrade your inventory to bring carnage to the world. This is a fast paced, top down, action game. This is Blazing Aces!

Blazing Aces is a action game designed for tablets. By drawing lines you issue orders to your aircraft in an attempt to defend your mothership from the bug invasion. By choosing from an array of different aircraft, each with a unique flight style, you can select the ship that best suits your tactical style to defend your mothership.

Blazing Aces was a school project made at Futuregames. We were two designers and three artists, that worked together over the course of eight weeks.


  • Gameplay Design
  • Scripting
  • GUI


 Game Treatment

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