The King’s Garden

fortificationSecond place winnner in Tornbanner’s Fortification Team Objective Map Contest, which is a level design contest for their game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. In the first round it King’s garden also came second.


Music: Outro (Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC 3.0


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first-person slasher with a focus on multi-player. Featuring competitive online combat that seeks to capture the experience of truly being on a medieval battlefield.

King’s Garden is a team objective map designed around three consecutive objectives where the goal of the map is to kill the Mason King, who is hiding inside the garden.

  • Objective 1 – Push a ram to the main gate, then destroy the gate.
  • Objective 2 – Fight through the courtyard and destroy the barricade to the garden.
  • Objective 3 – Kill the Mason King inside the garden.

King’s Garden was a project I worked at alone for about 10 weeks. Built with UDK using tornbanner’s SDK. test the level you will need to install the game Chivalry and subscribe on steam, then using the console (‘) in the game and enter “open AOCTO-KingsGarden_p” to play through the level.