Robot Rescue


Robot Rescue is a puzzle/platform game. Made during four weeks at Futuregames. The game was nominated for Best Technical Execution by Swedish Game Awards.



In a world much like our own a rare mineral that can negate gravity has been discovered. The corporation, Volto, uses robots for the difficult and dangerous task of mining the minerals. The robots succumb to all kinds of dangers and are discarded whenever a newer model arrives. But one day a small robot becomes aware of what is going on and wants to free his friends from their slavery.

Robot Rescue is a puzzle/platform game, where you have to save as many of your robot friends as possible from the mines. You take control of a little robot that can give instructions and upgrades to his bigger friends in order to avoid hazards and pits as you try to escape the mines and factories. Making use of platforming and limited resources, Robot Rescue features puzzles that require skill, timing and logical thinking to get through.

Robot Rescue was a school project made at Futuregames. We were two designers and three artists, that worked together over the course of four weeks.


  • Gameplay Design
  • Scripting
  • Level Design
  • Implementation of Animations

 Game Design Document

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